Project Classroom Scholarship

2020 was an unprecedented year like we’ve never seen. With so much uncertainty, The Breanna Nicole Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Foundation wanted to be able to not only bless high school seniors but also classroom teachers who have seen a negative impact of Covid-19. From Students not being able to attend classes and teachers not having the tools to be able to teach in this new normal. Our project classroom scholarships provide teachers with the funds to be able to provide a learning environment for students both virtually and in person


Valeria Moreno is our 2020 Project Classroom Scholarship recipient. For her dedication and commitment to bettering the lives of her students, a scholarship of 500$ was awarded to help pay for essential materials for her classroom. Ms. Moreno is a 6th grade teacher at Buena Vista Elementary School in Lompoc, CA.

Live Virtual Raffle

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this year we will be holding a Live online raffle this August. For details and a chance to enter, visit the fundraising page.